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Updated again: What do you think of these chairs with the table in the two pics directly below? I realized my table is slightly taller than typical, so finding chairs that have a high enough seat has been a limiting factor and has ruled put many that I liked. I found these and am on the fence. They are black, which I thought I’d like, but I think I would have preferred more of a black stain than the more solid black on these chairs. The curves in the chair seem to go well with the curves in the table legs, but do they give a formal vibe? (I am not a formal person!!!). I could reupholster to a different fabric pretty easily if that would tip them over the edge into greatness category😉.

Updated: The table is finished and now I need help picking dining room chairs. i decided to match the stain of the table to the island stain, however it looks a little darker in the pic and in real life. I've attched a pic of the actual table and a couple with my old dining room chairs to give a perspective of scale. The table is 8’ unextended (as seen in the pic) and can extend to 11’. I’m all over the place on figuring out what I like. One thing I really need help with is deciding on what height of chair to go with and also the scale of the chair (lighter and airier or weightier?).

I am having a dining room table custom made (much larger than the one currently in the dining area), and it is time to decide on a stain color. We just moved in to the house 2 weeks ago, so I’ve done notning from a decorating perspective…..just basically put things somewhere so they were no longer in boxes. But I’ll attach a few pictures of the open dining/kitchen/living space for color reference. Also, in real life, the floors and the kitchen island are not as close in color as they look in the pictures. The island definitley seems to have a more reddish/orange hue in certain lights (but can look pretty close in color in others).

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