Annual bluegrass removal

Well... I've learned something today. A LOT of the unknown weed that I have in my back yard is annual bluegrass, which came from some of the cheap multi-mix seed that I've been sowing for several years!

Granted it's soft to walk on, stays short, and really not that attractive. But the roots are very shallow (which has caused a multitude of other problems), it spreads outward like crabgrass (so a single root ends up covering about 8" of lawn), it dies away in the winter (leaving me with several months of a mud pit), and when it goes to seed my dog is definitely allergic to it!

I've been hand-pulling for a few months, but that's slow going and I've successfully pulled maybe 10%. And now that it's seeding, it's probably too late, anyway.

Any suggestions on permanent removal without killing the tall fescue that I've been sowing?

I'm in zone 7A, western NC near the mountains.

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