Help with office layout

Jeremy Seger
2 months ago

Hi All,

We're finishing up framing in my new home and about to order cabinets. I'm a bit stuck with how to lay out the office. Now that we are working from home, and will be more regularly for the forseeable future, we are going to make the front area of the house a nice office. We made the window sills only 2' from the floor which I think limits me from putting a desk on the window walls.

My priorities for the office are: 1) Storage 2) I want a comfortable chair/ottoman or day bed. When I'm not in meetings I want to be able to be more comfortable and put my feet up.

I also don't have any sort of partition in the space right now. I was thinking some sort of floor to ceiling glass doors, but haven't found any that are reasonably priced. 10' ceilings. Any suggestions?

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