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Help us with layout & design of new home office (please)!

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

I've never had a proper home office before, and with our new home we have a dedicated room which we (mostly me) are really excited about. So far all we have is my fancy new adjustable desk and some lighting. My main dilemma is how to orient the desk. I'd like to ideally face at least in the direction of the door, without my back directly against the window. Right now the slanted angle just seems a bit awkward.

Ultimately we'd like to add the following:

  • 8' x 10' rug (room is ~ 10' x 13'); we are stuck on what colors/style
  • nice artwork, likely on the large wall on right when you enter
  • comfortable chair for reading
  • some curtains to absorb the sound and act as nice accent
  • a bookcase with some storage (so we can display books but hide some boring stuff)
  • maybe some wood floating shelves somewhere behind desk (since I work from home 2x/week and want it to look professional for video chat meetings)

If you have any thoughts on how to best position the desk/chair and/or any other thoughts we're all ears!

This is angle from hallway (entrance to office)

Looking left as you enter room

View from desk towards entrance (wall to left is large and currently blank)

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