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Please help me decorate/organize/layout my very small office!

4 years ago

I am itching to do something with my office. My husband and I finally were able to get our hands on some base cabinets to build a new desk.... unfortunately, they are 24ish" deep so that means they jutted out far more than I had originally planned, so no L shaped desk was possible, without going in front of the window... which was completely shut down by my husband. So it looks like we are going to have a large straight desk across the wall. We also have a large safe in the corner along with a cabinet that has our printer on top of it and paper, etc. in the storage of the cabinet. On the right is a 3 cube storage system that has bins with craft supplies, etc. in it. I am thinking we definitely need a new rug in this space to lighten it up and I almost feel like something else is needed in order for the space to be better organized, less cluttered, and tidy. Also, does anyone have any suggestions for decorating, etc? The desk will be hopefully completed this weekend, with a dark wood top and white drawers with silver pulls. Thanks!

PS the space is approximately 8'x11'- very small. :)

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