kraftmaid: is assembling cabinets hard?

lucky driver
last month

got an estimate emailed from an independent dealer today and it's after hours so i figured i'd give it a shot here asking since they are now closed. i got a quote for a kitchen island and vanity for the bathroom and at the bottom of the quote it said

*Above cabinetry comes in parts and pieces and will need to be installed in the field. *

i've built a deck and work on my own car so i'm somewhat mechanical. but the idea of installing my own drawer rails and door hinges doesnt excite me. seems like pretty 'fine' work. ill write to the dealer tomorrow to ask specifically what needs put together. or are they referring to things like the cutlery drawer insert and trash can insert on the island? im assuming drawer fronts etc would all come assembled given the price :) but i hate to assume.

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