one car driveway with wall on one side and fence on the other side

2 months ago

We are building new and the layout is attached. I like this layout except the width of driveway worries me. it starts with a 13' driveway, then widened into 20 ft after the front room, then enter a two car garage. I know 13' is wide enough for a car passing through, but for that 13' section, left side is fence and right side is wall of the house. there is no room for error. is it too narrow to back out the car for an average driver? ignore the 14'9 dimension in the sketch, that can be wider, all 5' along the fence can be used. I just don't know the chance for an average driver can back out 13' for 30 ft distance. Has anyone seen a driveway that narrow? Thank you!

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