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Laptop starts up, but no login box appears

last year

Dell Inspiron 13, 5000 Series laptop, used from time to time, but not as my main computer.

Even when fully charged, it now only boots up to the point of showing the desktop picture without any icons and the box for entering the passcode fails to appear. The touch-pad still works to make the cursor move around. However, with nothing to click on, that is meaningless.

Does anyone have any ideas what I might do to revive it? The quality of the screen images is just gorgeous, but it was an inexpensive device Dell had on sale, and it was only a while after buying it that I learned online that cheap laptops are more likely to perform poorly than cheap PCs. (NEVER AGAIN!) This one is so slow that in the beginning I ended up with 6 copies of my browser simply because I thought it necessary to click/tap its icon over and over, as I waited and nothing would happen for several minutes each time. Of course, unbeknownst to me, every click was prolonging the agony.

Now my husband uses the laptop, but only to consult his digital vs. of the OED, which refuses to be installed in his PC, so it is very bad that now the laptop seems to be kaput. Should we just trash it?

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