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Red oak stair treads to match maple floors ideas. Please help! ASAP

Jesse Ross
2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

Hello fellow houzz’ers.

we are in the process of refinishing our hardwood maple flooring and red oak stair treads. I am SO torn on what to stain the stair treads. Do i try and match the inlays? go darker to match the bannister? would a natural stain be too red? we painted them black about 8 years ago and while they looked lovely, they showed every bit of everything and took a lot to keep looking nice and clean.

also, the flight to the third floor is on the line here as well.. only adds to the pressure 🥴

I need to decide on a stain, like yesterday.


first pic is todays progress with two coats of poly-

last two are au naturel.

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