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Hi, I have a laminate floor colour dilemma. I'm redoing my entire house (small, 100 square metres, multi room not open plan), and the style of our decor is mid century modern slash scandinavian. By that I mean some dark navy pieces (sofa), walnut book shelf in the bedroom, a Nelson saucer pendant light in the dining area, but clean lines. The windows are all dark, like mahogany, so a dark floor is out of the question. I've attached two samples of the flooring, bearing in mind that the phone and subsequent uploading has altered the colour a bit, but you can see the tone differences. The one on the right is not pink in real life, more of a regular oak colour. One of them goes very well with almost everything, inlcuding real Afghan rugs we have, but clashes with two leather armchairs. It is also a bit more traditional. The other clashes with the bathroom flooring, AND the rugs, but goes marginally better with the chairs, and is a bit more modern.

Am I making it too hard trying to match the flooring with every single piece of furniture I have?!?! Does flooring have to match absolutely everything? surely not?? How do you decide which is the lesser of two evils? I've had so many samples and am limited to this manufacturer, who actually have plenty of colours - why is it they never have exactly what you want?! lol. Also attached a render of the kitchen but it hasn't come out well - the cabinets are soft mid-dark blue lacquer in shaker style. Would love to know your thoughts! Thanks.

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