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Laundry Room layout-Need Help.

2 years ago

In my new house plan, I have moved the laundry room to be across from my pantry instead of by the garage.

Right now it is 14' 5" x 8' 8". Is that wide enough? If I need to add more width I can do that.

The north side cabinets are 24" deep, the south side is 29" deep to give enough room behind the washer, dryer, and freezer. The cabinet between the washer and dryer has a clothes hamper with storage above.

The doorway is 40" wide--is that wide enough? I did want to add a trash bin but not sure where to put it. Any suggestions?

On the north side are spaces for a laundry basket and folding countertop. Above that area will be a rod to hang closes. I hope there is enough room. The cabinet about is 15" high.


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