Update on Guppy the rescue dog

last month

So I stopped by the HS to pay for Guppy yesterday and asked if I could take her home with me for a couple days until I leave on Friday and they said yes. Hubby is not here with the other 2 dogs, and I thought it would be perfect to see if she would do well with me without the distraction of her friends at the shelter. She reluctantly came into the house, I showed her where the water bowl is, and laid down on the couch to watch a little TV and ignored her. She slowly got closer and closer to me, and eventually jumped up to sit with me. She quickly bonded and stayed close to me from then on.

My only concern is I'm not sure if she's potty trained. I took her for a 2 mile walk last night (she's fat!!) and she never pooped or peed on the walk. I took her out several times on the leash to try to get her to void, and she never did. Took her out right before bed, nada. I walked around the house looking for soilage and didn't see anything, but was really concerned that she didn't at least pee. Took her on a 3 mile walk today right when we got up and again nothing. When we got home, I went upstairs and found her "spot", not sure when she went up there. poop and pee, so got the carpet cleaner out and then blocked the stairs. Ive take her out several more times and I have never seen her pee. I will take her for another walk this evening, but hope I can break her of this bad habit!!

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