I would like to know how well these items are matched for colour.

Leslie Mariko
last month

How well do the following items colour match?
Round eucalyptus 48” folding table by Outdoor Interiors, ID # 42114845.
Patio wood loveseat in “brown” by Walker Edison, ID #139819809. I am guessing that the dining table is closer to “brown” than to “dark brown”. Is that correct?

Would the above loveseat be better with which of the following end tables?

  1. Amazonia Kingsbury ID #89390135
  2. Outdoor interiors ID #42114861

It is difficult to tell how reddish or dark these pieces are in comparison using the posted photos on the site.
Is it possible for anyone to compare these actual items, or
do you have access to more product-true photos?

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

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