New Windows not sitting fully on framing

Jeff Purkis
last month

Just replaced 15 windows on a board and baton house with 2x6 framed walls.
I was just wondering if I could get a opinion on my windows. My issue. Windows came with a brick mold so because I have 3/4 sheathing then 3/4 strapping (hollow) followed by board and batton siding the majority of my windows sit on the sheathing and siding. Only 1 inch rests on the 2x6 framing and in some spots only3/4". The screws are angled into the 2x6. Original windows sat on the 2x6 and were built out. I don't want to complain if this is ok. I don't know anything about windows. 2 windows are not even shimmed and rest directly on the wood. Are these the wrong type of windows. Should they have been manufactured with extensions?
Thank you

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