"Americans just throw money at problems"

last month

You've heard that, right? That Americans solve problems with money? I'm here to tell you I've done just that. The other day, before I got very busy, I was going to ask for help deciding on what pie to bake. It's a quandary because I only like to bake fruit pies in clear glass. I have a 9" Pyrex, a 10" Pyrex, and one of those big, deep 9ish" rimless Anchor ones with the little handles. I have several 9" white pyroceram ones, but they're much better for quiche and general use than proper pies. Then the proverbial light bulb came on. I could spend my way out of this dilemma I have half a dozen clear Pyrex glass pie plates coming tomorrow. I can take a couple, freeze a couple...and now I have to make more decisions! I have peaches coming tomorrow night, though I think a tart would be better for them. I have a lot of lemons on the tree. The last of the rhubarb. Sweet corn. Apples and blueberries. An embarrassment of riches, and I don't have to choose.... Right?

But what should I make first?

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  • amylou321
    last month

    I vote apple.

    My favorite pie is pumpkin but I didn't see that on the menu....

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  • chloebud
    last month

    plllog, your post is timely since I spent some time today browsing through The Peach Truck Cookbook. I might be extra busy with peaches this summer. This time of year I have to go with peach pie...or peach and berry pie. I bought peaches at TJ's a few days ago wondering if they'd be okay. Still haven't used any but they do smell amazing.

    Like yours, our lemon tree is loaded, and anything lemon always makes me very happy!

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  • Feathers11
    last month

    Blueberry rhubarb pie. Then the lemon chess pie that was brought up in another thread.

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  • Islay Corbel
    last month

    Oh to have such tricky decisions to make!!! I'd go for peach first - it's such a fragile fruit. I'll eat them all LOL

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  • Jasdip
    last month
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    I'm sorry your oven broke down Kate, but I did laugh at your commentary. If something happened to my Cuisinart counter-top you bet that would be the first thing I'd buy.

    YouTubes are great, but when it comes to electronics and electricity, I'm not biting the bullet.

    My usb stick won't let me put any more music on it, even though the properties show lots of space left. I did watch a YouTube but I'm too chicken to try it in case I mess up the whole thing.

  • carolb_w_fl_coastal_9b
    last month
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    Jasdip have you emptied the trash on your desktop? Some devices require that to clear old files. You might also check for hidden files.

    No advice on the pie - just envy ☺

  • plllog
    Original Author
    last month

    Thank-you all for your suggestions! So, of course, with all these nice things on hand, my fridge is overflowing and I've been stuck doing annoying work work, and not making pies. Good thoughts for the weekend! Unless I have to do an in-person. Ugh! I'm trying to gin myself up to starting the sculptural pie tops project but it's too danged hot. As it is, I'm going to have to ice the stone counter to just roll out a regular crust. Rhubarb is up, since it's topped with meringue! Maybe lemon next, ditto. I wonder if one could put whole blueberries in a lemon meringue pie. Polka dot pie sounds so festive!