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Today DH received a very official looking letter from Soc. Sec. pertaining to a review of his records to continue processing his benefits. There was a form to fill out and return to the sender, who was styled a Social Insurance Specialist, confirming that DH would call him to do a telephone interview June 22 at 2 p.m. Supposedly they wanted proof of birth. Included was a summary of DH's earnings prior to his retirement when he claimed benefits. (They appear correct.) They had the last four digits of his Soc. Sec. number -- what entity doesn't! The envelope was franked with Soc. Sec. name and originated in Kansas City. The enclosed envelope to return the form looked legit, too.

Something didn't *smell* right, so we called Social Security's 800 number and spoke to a representative. He checked and said this is bogus. He gave us the number of the Inspector General's office so we can report this fraud on Monday.


It's interesting to me that this arrived on a Friday, when many offices close by 5 p.m.

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