How to root LARGE Plumeria cuttings in a container? HELP!!

Samveg Parikh
3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

So a few weeks ago due to a cyclone in my region, a lot of trees got uprooted or thick branches sheared off the main plant. I acquired myself a 8ft tall thick branch and cut it into 5 and 3ft tall cuttings. I have potted a roughly 4ft tall and 3inch dia thick plumeria cutting (using rooting hormone) into a very well draining soil. It's put in shade where it receives fairly decent light but no direct sunlight.I have the following questions.
1. It's a fairly large cutting, and the inner stem is quite woody. Would it root?
2. The top part of it branches into 4 individual branches which have been chopped off to keep it manageable. Should I seal (the open wounds) off using candlewax or turmeric (I've heard it's a natural fungicide) or should I let it open and let it callous on it own?
3. The temperature here (India) is very hot and dry, it might start getting a bit humid from now onwards (pressumption based on June being the onset of monsoon here). So, should I cover the top ends of the cutting using a plastic bag (then tied to the trunk) to retain the moisture?
4. How often should I water it, since it's a fairly large container and the cutting has been sitting a few inches above the base of the pot?
5. I have one more cutting that has sheared off from a mature tree and is roughly as thick as the one in the picture. This cutting has been broken off, so about 3/4th of it is exposed bark and exposed sheared wood. Should I cut this exposed wood off and then pot it (clean cut part in the ground) or should I let it be?

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