Eggroll question.......

7 days ago

How far can I make them in advance?

My mom is hosting a big family gathering later this month, as some of my out of state siblings will be coming to visit. I am doing all the cooking. The menu makes no sense on paper, but its how we party...….

Everyone (except me) loves buffalo chicken dip. We are already having a lot of dips. So I want to mix it up and make buffalo chicken dip eggrolls. I have not made many eggrolls. Hardly any in fact. I sometimes make breakfast eggrolls with country gray to dip in, but the farthest ahead I made those before frying was a few hours.

I will be making almost everything the day before at my house, because its a huge amount of food, and I tend to turn into a bit of a beast when my family irritates me when I am cooking. It is just so much better this way. No one likes a beast with a knife and a cast iron skillet to brandish.....

My question is, because of the nature of dip, being kinda wet, would it be a bad idea to make them the night before and keep them in the fridge until I fry them at my moms house the day of, or will they soak through? As eggrolls are in, what I call, the 'fiddly" category, along with deviled eggs and stuffed mushrooms(i will be making those as well btw) i do not want to waste time doing them if they will not hold up. And making them the day of at her house is not an option. (beast, remember. They LOVE to poke the beast when she is trying to feed them. Peasants)

Anyone know?

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