Regan nursery- bareroots did not survive

last month
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Regan nursery does not respond to emails, is unreachable by phone even on days they are open (fri,sat). Out of the 9 bareroots they sent only 3 survived. Out of the the 3, I am not sure of one, as it looks very sickly- this is cherry parfait which is a very vigorous plant. First time ordering from them and not a good experience. Out of 50 bareroots I got this year from Witherspoon, edmunds, raft island, palatine, David austin....every single one not only survived but also very healthy big plants. I received david auatin rose the same week as regan plants, and DA plants are all doing well and blooming already . Does anyone know what their refund policy is? I tried to find it but don't see it. Thank yiu!

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