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sconces, overhead lighting, or backlit mirror in small master bath?

Feline Fit
2 years ago

We are redoing our master bath, and I could use help thinking through lighting options. The vanity/sink is on the same wall as the toilet — this wall is about 5 feet total. We can have at most a 30inch wide vanity, and that’ll run right up against one of the two side walls. For storage purposes, we need a medicine cabinet. I figure with a 30 inch vanity, we want an 18ish inch medicine cabinet.

Our lighting options are:

  1. Sconces on either side of the mirror - love the look of this but worry there’s just not enough space
  2. Light overtop of the mirror like we currently have, but a new fixture for sure
  3. Backlit vanity — my husband likes this but I’m not sold. If you like this option, any product recs?
  4. A combo of the above or something else

We will also have two overhead lights (just normal recessed lights, nothing fancy) — one over the shower and one over the middle of the toilet/vanity area.

Would love any thoughts or advice. Thanks in advance!

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