Floof! Your cleaning MO...

2 months ago

For those without a housecleaning service, how do you clean? All at once or a little each day? Do you take breaks or push through?
I do it all at once. I do not even sit down to take a break. I just want it clean and over with. I take one day a week a devote it to cleaning. Its not always the same day of the week. But one of my off days will be a cleaning day.
I clean when I am alone in the house because I do all the housework myself and SO drives me nuts nagging me to sit down and take a break when he sees that I am sweating or something. When I get started, I want it finished. I feel like if I do a little each day, bathrooms one day, dusting next day, sweeping one day,mopping next day, baseboards one day, ceiling fans next day, its a never ending task. Other than my kitchen which is mandatory as I cook daily, I dont wanna clean everyday. I know that if I sit down for a break, I won't get up and finish, and so I press on until its all done. Its the same reason I do all my laundry on the same day. Wash,dry, put away all day, 6 or 7 loads a week. So its done and over with for another week. Most satisfying.
I am not at all a fan of cleaning, but I am grateful that I have my own house to keep clean. That is what I tell myself when I am vacuuming corners and crevices.
What is your MO?

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