Cute-ning Up The Nursery

Libby Smith
4 months ago

Just finished up my master's program and am looking forward to several uninterrupted weeks of nesting! I'm terrible with home design but am really set on making the nursery "cute." Wondering if anyone has suggestions for this area of the room. I plan to replace the side table with something shorter and lighter in color (hopefully to match the crib and dresser, which are oak-like). I'm also planning on replacing the curtain rod and maybe hanging it a bit lower. Curtains (which I'm open to replacing) will be hemmed and ironed once the rod is in its final position. Also planning to get roller shades and wondering about doing a patterned shade v. plain, white vinyl. Wondering if I should hang some pictures (theme is Peter Rabbit) and, if so, what color frames might look nice. Thanks in advance for any feedback!

Glider, paint color, and shelves must all stay!

Planning to replace rod pictured above with this one.

Plain vinyl shades versus...

...gluing a fabric over a plain roller shade? Wondering if this print is too bold, or if it would clash with the tiny stripes on the curtains.

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