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Tampa Bay - Best Nurseries / Garden Supply

I was just wondering if any of the Tampa Bay people had any recommendations for Local nurseries/plant store/garden supply?

(it would be helpful to indicate - Tampa, clearwater, St. pete, ect)

I am in Tampa, North Tampa to be exact and I have started going to a place called Annies Garden Shed just inside Lutz - cute, small, I think the prices of plants are good/ competitive. It is great b/c it is close to the house, and is small w/ a pretty set up so it is "inspiring" and not overwhelming for a newbie.

At Val's Baskets / home decor I got some decent size ceramic pots for 9.99 (the normal everyday price) the size that is normally 20-25 at like lowes - the down size, only a few colors to pick from.

I'd love to hear about other bay area places. And if ya know where to get ceramic pot for cheap please share! I am hoping once the weather is a little nicer I can check out some garage sales and score some pots.

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