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Foundation shrub suggestions - Zone 6b/7a - Philadelphia

3 years ago

Hi everyone!

I'm asking for any ideas/suggestions y'all might have for the arrangement of some shrubs in the front of my house. After countless hours of reading articles and watching videos and looking at photos, I think my head might explode. :)

We recently tore out all of the dead shrubs the prior owner blessed us with (sigh) and are starting over. Problem is, just when I think I have things figured out, I read something that makes me second guess myself. For example, Loropetalum....ok in my zone...not ok in my zone? Apparently I'm right on the cusp of where it will thrive.

Things I do house faces south and slightly east so it gets full sun out front. I want low maintenance, evergreen shrubs. I'm in zone 6b / 7a - NW of Philadelphia. My soil is pretty dense....somewhere between clay and silty, if I had to guess. Behind my house is woods so we get lots of deer, rabbits, fox, groundhogs, squirrels, etc.

As for shrubs, I love the chartreuse/purple combo. I bought 5 Emerald Magic Meserve Holly bushes to start with and thought maybe I could combine them with Sunshine Ligustrum and/or, if I can get away with them in my zone, Purple Daydream Dwarf Loropetalum? All 3 bushes might be overkill though. Maybe instead of the sunshines, I use Everillo Carex grass? Or instead of the loropetalums, I use some purple coral bells? Agh!

Lastly, the little tree is a holly, the big tree is a maple and those are 4 little winter gems in front of the garage.

Any thoughts on the best shrubs to use & suggestions on how to arrange them would be most appreciated!!

Thank you so much!!


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