Blue Star color dilemma: ruby or carmine?

Italian Cook
6 months ago

I am very close to purchasing a Blue Star range and hood, which will be the centerpiece of our remodeled kitchen. Blue Star has sent me color samples, and pictures. My Ruby Red RAL 3003 sample appears burgundy. Very dark, almost a wine red or brown red. The pictures of ruby red ranges, however, look to be a deep cherry red, similar to Kitchen Aid’s empire ( traditional mixer color) red, a true deep red, not burgundy. My next option is to go with Carmine Red, 3002, but a picture I have seen of that range on line appeared leaning towards orange red. I want the cherry red, but I’m afraid to order it because of my sample. I know this was discussed back in 2007, but the poster went with an entirely different color, so the question never got answered. Does anybody have a ruby red range and can help me out with a description of your color? Does it look burgundy at all?

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