PLEASE help me pick plants in Zone 9a!

6 months ago

Recently moved to Zone 9a and I'm interested in tropical plants and trees. I like palm trees and foxtail ferns. (That's all I got so far) I want things that will have minimum upkeep and I'd like plants that look decent all year round and not for just 2 months in Spring.

I also desperately need help "designing" the front yard. I'm putting down some round cobble stones to create a path to the mailbox but other than that I have no idea what would look good regarding plant heights, width, texture etc.

The whole house is a fixer upper so please just ignore the other issues.

Excuse my horrifying paint skills. My front door was just replaced and looks similar to that one. We're redoing the garage with 2 windows and removing the door there and I'm going to paint the trim at some point. Plant options were limited on this program but I did a little mock up and it gave me nothing.

The yellow section goes in about 3-4ft so I have no idea what I could plant there to take up some room but not growing so big it blocks the window.

I have ample room in the blue section but the red section is only about 1ft deep and 4ft wide because of the walkway from the driveway to the front door.

I would greatly appreciate any mock ups or suggestions on plants. I've just been looking at local nursery websites for plant names. The front gets a few hours of morning filtered sunlight because the neighbor across from me has 5 giant pines.

I can post more photos and take measurements when I get home if need be.

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