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Am I overthinking it or did I mess up? Need some insight please.

3 years ago

First time buyers we ended up going with a builder. Picked out our designs at a design center and everything has been coming along smoothly the last few months.

However now the stone has put on the last few weeks, we're not exactly thrilled about the color scheme/stone exterior that we chose. At the design center all the color combinations that we saw (brick/stone/siding) looked great under the bright lights and we thought the color scheme we also chose would turn out really nice. And I mean it doesn't look bad but it just doesn't scream curbside appeal. If anything the more I look at it seems like the stone is jumping out a little too much compared to the overall paint color of the home. All the other houses in the neighborhood seem to have a "reasonable flow" of colors from their exteriors.

So my question is what kind of change do you think we can do? Kind of a stupid question, but is it possible to maybe paint over the stone to a different color? Perhaps more of a reddish hue? Or should we consider repainting a part of the house to work in with the stone a little bit?

Stone color is Ohio Blue Vein cut stone

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