How big should two closets in Master bedroom be?

3 months ago

We are looking to renovate our master bedroom and bathroom. Getting what we want in the bathroom large shower, stand alone tub, double vanity and toilet room leaves us with two master closets on either side of a 36 inch hallway that are about 4’3” deep and somewhere between 6 and seven feet long. I‘m thinking two closets of this size are probably sufficient. Currently, there is one 4 1/2 by 6 closet in the bedroom and my husbands clothes are in the guest room, so a second closet in general is a benefit. we Think we would rather have two closets rather than share one that is 8’8” by 6’6”. But this is just first idea we’ve gotten...

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  • emilyam819
    3 months ago

    A 4’3” deep closet is still only deep enough for a single row of hanging space, just like a reach-in closet. Because hanging clothes measure 2 feet deep, leaving only about 2 feet on the side walls, but clothes there would cover the back wall clothes by 2 feet, so it’s less functional than having just the back row. So make one closet a regular 2.5’ deep reach-in, and make the other a deeper walk-in.

  • H M
    Original Author
    3 months ago

    Thanks, a thought for sure! Haven’t considered that !i am also thinking of hanging on side walls and shelving on back wall. 🤔