master bedroom, master closet, master bath, 1/2 bath and laundry

Becky Whisler
3 months ago

Hi! My husband and I are building a new home. We wanted a simple home around 2500 sq ft. We are having trouble configuring the master bedroom area of the home. Below is the area as it is drawn now. We are within budget and don't want to add more sq ft. The issue right now is we would really like windows on the east wall (the wall with the closets). The bedroom can be smaller to accommodate this. In our room we will have a king size bed, a tall dresser and a long dresser with a mirror. We could take or leave a walk-in closet so the reach in closets are fine. However, the room is narrow and so we feel like the only other option is the reach in along the west wall, but then we would not have an entry to our bedroom. We can shift the stairs 1ft to gain a ft more space and it would actually make the upstairs a bit better and would shrink the kitchen by a foot which would be ok. If anyone has any ideas on how to configure the master bedroom, closets, master bath, 1/2 bath and laundry it would be appreciated!!! I have included some pictures below.

Some other things to note is I know many people are not fond of the garage sticking out, but we live in Michigan in a snowy climate and this will work best for us with coming and going in the winter and allows us to have a walkout basement as our land slopes in the back. The little coat closet is going to go away and I am still debating on which side of the mudroom the bench should go? The best views are to the west and to the north. The East we will view a wooded area that is pretty. No other houses will be visible from the North, West, or East. The south will view the road and some other houses.

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