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Help choosing an LVP wood tone (Coretec and Adura Rigid)

3 years ago


I am trying to pick an LVP plank to use on the floor of my small timber framed workshop. The space is small but sited for a passive solar orientation (so it gets good light). I cut the timber frame myself and the species is pine and they have a nice golden amber color. I have attached a few photos of the joinery/timbers and some of the samples I have ordered from Coretec and Mannington (Adura Rigid). I'm looking for a tone that will work with the space but I'm lacking a framework to inform my decision. Obviously, having the samples is important but I'm not really thrilled with any of them. A specific tone might appeal to me when I look at it in isolation, but then the sample leaves me uninspired.

The walls will be a light color.

-I understand that dark hues will make the space seem smaller

-I have seen folks recommend that the tones of the knots can be a way to choose a complimentary tone

That's about all I have to organize my thoughts... Does anyone have any thoughts on how to approach this? I just ordered some more samples. Maybe that's just what it takes until I find something that works.

Does anyone have any suggestions on the design tools used to upload a photo of the space? Do those tools really help? My space is pretty much a mess with cardboard on the floor to protect the subfloor.

Thanks in advance.

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