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Is quarter round the standard for LVP stair joints?

last year

We got LVP installed a few months ago, including on the stairs. We like it a lot except for the quarter round they used to cover the joints between the tread and riser. It looks cheap, and it's actually been a hazard - we keep stepping on the quarter round with our heels which has caused some tripping and the quarter round being pulled off. Neither the salesman nor the installer mentioned the need for quarter round ahead of time. Did they not mention it because that's just how LVP stairs are typically installed, or was there a decision that should have been made there? I think we would prefer just about anything more than quarter round on every stair.

Here is a picture. They are saying this is necessary because of the gap needed between the tread and riser for LVP stairs. The one is detaching because we keep stepping on it with our heels.

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