Any idea about this print?

Iris S (SC, Zone 7b)

We came across this picture while sorting through stuff to give away. I remember it hanging at my grandma‘s house in Germany when I was little (70’s). I have asked my brother, sister, and aunt.. Neither one of them is remembering it at all. Not sure how I ended up with it, it’s not something I would have on my wall, but we did bring it with us here about 28 years ago. My daughter is curious about it. As in how old it may be. I am not seeing a date on it, and the frame is taped on tight in the back. You would think there are a lot of these around, but my image search is not getting me anywhere. Any idea?

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I wonder if it is actually from Switzerland, since it has German, French, and Italian text on it. The English text is particularly puzzling. I'm guessing that it must have been intended for export.

As for the age, I would guess that it is from circa 1920, but that is just a wild guess. It might be late 19th Century. You might try asking a priest.

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

Much older than 1920s imo. Mid to late 19c given the style and type faces.

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