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Generous Gardener vs Lady of Shalott vs Claire Austin

last year
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Hello everyone!
I am planning my new rose garden and having a hard time deciding which rose to plant in the corner of the large-ish arch (10 ft) and a fence. The chosen spot gets about 5 hours of morning sun. I had Eden rose there for the last 5 years and it did nothing, didn't even grow. Granted, I probably should have given it a lot more attention. This year I am ready and willing to put in work to achieve something nice : ). So here are my priorities:
1. Flowering. I really want a rose that can produce a good flush and will repeat.
2. Fragrance.
3. Vigorous and healthy is a plus.
Color is not as important. I sort of settled on GG and even pre-ordered it but going back and forth. Especially, after reading that GG is known as Stingy Gardener.
What would you recommend?
As you can tell, I mostly spend my time researching David Austin roses. I am very much open to non DA roses but I simply don't even know where to start. So if anyone can recommend a non DA climbing rose that tolerates shade and repeats well, that would be very much appreciated!

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