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Condo layout dilemma with balcony in bedroom instead of living room

3 years ago

Hello Everyone,

I am a new active member in Houzz community and found these discussion forums where people are trying to help each other. So, here I come with my dilemma and looking for some ideas/help. Thanks everyone for their time and helpful inputs.

Background: Me and my husband will be the first time home buyers (if we buy this condo) and have hardly any knowledge on building houses. We plan to buy a condo which is a decent size 1300sq ft including a balcony and fantastic views of the river, city with a sunrise from every room (this view will never get blocked as we have a river in front) and we are really interested in buying this property to live there for the coming 5-7 years atleast.

Problem/concern is the balcony is in the bedroom next to living room. Even though every room has great views, we would have preferred balcony to be in the living room. We are wondering if there is a way to maximize on this condo pluses which are balcony and views (this tower has 40+ floor out of which only 5 floors have balcony). I have shared the layout below and we have few thoughts in mind, please let us know if you think buying this condo and may be doing some layout changes will be worthwhile.

NOTE: the thick black areas in the layout meaning structures which can not be changed/moved.

Our naïve ideas:

1. One approach is to drop the common wall between living room and bedroom and have double french doors which will allow access to the room with balcony and the views from the living room itself. Use the bedroom with balcony as both chilling/living room when it is just us and when we have guest then use as a bedroom.

2. Other approach is to drop the common wall between the living and the bedroom and make bedroom as the living room and the current living room as the bedroom by adding again a wall parallel to the kitchen with French doors.

I am not very sure of either approach and do not have those creative eyes to foresee what the condo would look like if we do make changes to the design. Also, with this change we want to ensure it will be worth the change in case say we go back into market 7-10 years down the line for selling it.

Please provide your inputs/thoughts/ideas of what do you think would be the right thing to do in order to do justice to the views/balcony of this condo. Note: we are also going to upgrade kitchen to have an open layout.

Thank you all for your time and ideas.

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