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Fill gap behind gas range & quartz backsplash scorch issue HELP please

3 years ago

Hello, i read a few threads here on this, but I still had some questions so hope someone here will help. There are two issues--the gap behind the range, and the quartz backsplash. So, the range was delivered and installed, but they did not push it flush to the wall, I'm assuming due to the gas line. I did email my contractor, but haven't heard back; so he may be able to fix this, if it should be fixed.

I assumed the range would be flush, but there is a 3 inch gap. The range also sticks out about five inches (see last picture). So, it will stick out several inches anyway. The gap behind can't be right..., right??? When they installed the backsplash, I asked about it going down behind the stove, but they said they don't normally do that. So, i need to close this gap, right? It looks terrible as is. Or do I get some kind of stainless shelf behind this to cover it?

The second issue is the backsplash which is quartz. I had seen so many of these online, some quartz some stone, and liked the way it looked in this very small kitchen. I thought it would look more expansive; it never occurred to me that there could be a scorch or melting issue (my bad), but I saw some people here posted on this. I also read that some said if the appliance is installed correctly, this shouldn't be an issue. I looked up the installation instructions for this range and found:

"All materials used in construction of cabinets, enclosures, and supports surrounding the product must have a temperature rating above 200°F (94°C)....Make sure the wall coverings around the range can withstand the heat generated by the range....Clearances and Dimensions a. Provide adequate clearances between the range and adjacent combustible surfaces....*30" (762 mm) MINIMUM CLEARANCE BETWEEN THE TOP OF THE COOKING SURFACE AND THE BOTTOM OF AN UNPROTECTED WOOD OR METAL CABINET; OR 24" (610 mm) MINIMUM WHEN BOTTOM OF WOOD OR METAL CABINET IS PROTECTED BY NOT LESS THAN 1/4" (6 mm) FLAME RETARDANT MILLBOARD COVERED WITH NOT LESS THAN NO. 28 MSG SHEET STEEL, 0.015" (0.4 mm) STAINLESS STEEL, 0.024" (0.6 mm) ALUMINUM OR 0.020" (0.5 mm) COPPER. 0" (0 mm) CLEARANCE IS THE MINIMUM FOR THE REAR OF THE RANGE. FOLLOW ALL DIMENSION REQUIREMENTS PROVIDED ABOVE TO PREVENT PROPERTY DAMAGE, POTENTIAL FIRE HAZARD, AND INCORRECT COUNTERTOP AND CABINET CUTS."

So, it seems everything has to withstand 200 degrees, but I read online that quartz is 150... The wall behind the range is a "1 hour wall" as per code, behind the quartz. Also, the range came with a trim kit installed which is like 2 inches tall; you see it behind the burners in the pictures. Is that enough to protect the quartz? or do I need more or different?

Thanks ahead of time for your helpful comments!

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