Must try recipe. Super simple. Sunchoke chips.

6 months ago
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I was making sunchoke chips to go with pumpkin soup (other accompaniments were fresh raw watercress, plus sage and spinach leaves (for the soup) roasted with the chicken sausage on the side). My original idea was to fry the sunchokes and sage. I always end up burning the sage, however, so was ambivalent. It seemed this would be a great thing to do to try out my new air-fry oven (I put it in my cart on Prime Day and while I was considering it, they lowered the price by 1/6th. I think I'm going to like it). But what to do? I found this recipe online. My device works differently, but close enough.

The first sample tray was amazing. The next couple real trays come out fine, but I realized the chips were a little limp because I forgot the oil. Then I was getting tired and worried about time, so I did a couple of batches in the rotisserie spit basket. It looks like a bingo hopper. That worked well, but I overloaded it a bit and some of the chips stuck together and didn't crisp. Those were spread on a quarter sheet pan and crisped for a minute or two in the oven after I took out the sausage.

Conclusion: The air-fryer works even without oil (though a little oil is better), and a sheet pan in the oven works just as well. ;) The small accessories mean you can't make as much at a time as in a big oven, but you also don't need all the heating time, and lugging around big trays. It's very convenient. :) But the sunchoke chips are AWESOME!

I used a Kyocera paddle mandoline on 0.5 to make paper thin slices. Soak in apple cider vinegar for 10-15 minutes, toss in light olive oil (higher smoke point). NO SALT! I tried it. It ruined them. YMMV.

Okay, I realized I should give a complete recipe.

Scrub the sunchokes (Jerusalem artichokes) with a vegetable brush, trim broken ends and roots, and slice as thin as possible. Soak in apple cider vinegar for 10-15 minutes. The flavor is as important as the chemistry. Drain and coat lightly with high smoke point oil. Air fry at 400 for 5-15 minutes, depending on your setup. until golden, at least on the edges, and crisp. Darker is better than too pale. Alternately, spread in a single layer on a baking tray and convection bake at 350 F, or maybe 375 F. Try to get some into the dish rather than just scarfing down the lot.

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