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Range PLUS Oven? Or Just a Range?

Tee F
3 years ago

We are doing a full kitchen renovation. I both cook and bake a ton (cook all but one meal a week, bake about 4-5x/week). The kitchen will have 3 counter surfaces - against one wall is the range/fridge, then the island which has the sink. On the far wall is the “baking area” which has butcher block and will also house my mixer/baking tools.

We were waffling between a gas or dual fuel range. I know electric is better for baking, but I also roast/broil most of our veggies, which I believe gas ovens are better for. In doing so, we also realize that the baking area could theoretically hold a single oven in place of one of the lower cabinets. If we did that, we could put an electric oven in the baking area, and then have an all gas range. It seems like the cost is fairly similar (the delta between the dual fuel and gas ranges we are looking at are about the cost of a built in oven by same brand). We would lose some cabinet space from the missing lower, but gain some efficiency of being able to go from baking prep area directly into oven. I may have illusions of GBBO grandeur ;-).

I have seen dual ovens and range tops, and then ranges. Any thoughts of having a range PLUS an oven? Or is that overkill and we should just go dual fuel range? FWIW we plan to live in our house for the long haul (we’ve been here 6 years and are renovating based on our lifestyle) but also want to be smart about our decisions. To date, we had a poorly designed kitchen with hand-me-down appliances and I cooked a ton, so whatever we do will be a huge improvement.

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