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Youtube account not functioning in Firefox

3 years ago

In the past week, my YouTube account only partially works in Firefox. I can see the lists of videos that I have saved to watch later, but I cannot add any more to that list. It shows me as being logged in but also has an option for me to sign in. When I click on that, I go to a screen with an error message that is not helpful.

If I want to comment on a video, I have to use Chrome, and I almost never use Chrome, especially with YouTube. With Chrome, when I click on a link to open in a new tab, it never goes to that tab, and I have to click on the tab. I don't have to do this in Firefox.

I basically only use Chrome for Facebook, which is extremely rare. I do not want to be signed on to FB in Firefox or any other browser that I use regularly.

What is wrong with YouTube and Firefox?

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