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Solution for uneven bathroom tiles already in place?

Quinn Palmer
3 years ago

Hi everyone! I just moved into a new house and the bathroom needs...some work. Aside from the obvious paint job I need to do (what’s with this slime green?), I’m really bothered by the way the large-format tiles come out of the shower and end halfway across the wall - at different lengths above and below the window!

There’s also a fair amount of lippage (I think I’m using that word right?) where the tiles aren’t parallel with the wall/eachother. Lastly, they’re sitting on a huge bed of grout, and the windowsill is partially embedded in the stuff!

I don’t mind the tile for the shower, but I’d really like for it to end there, or at least in an even line right outside the shower door. Any advice? I don’t think it’s in my budget to rip it all out and apply new tile in the shower.

Would you recommend cutting through the tiles while they’re still on the wall in order to create a straight line (ideally BEFORE they reach the window)? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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