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Color of Bed to go w/ Red “Trail” Oak LVP Floors & Golden Oak Closests

last year

We just bought a house with with 5 golden oak closets completed by a finish carpenter. I’m not a fan of the wood, but the closets are quite amazing. The reddish looking oak floor is actually very high quality LVP (luxury vinyl plank) LifeProof brand (manufactured by Armstrong). My questions is what color bed should I get to go with this room. I considered white, because then we don’t need to worry about how the bed blends with the two oaks, but isn’t off white out of style now? I can’t stand gray, and black seems a bit too dark. I like light and airy decor. Any thoughts? My husband also would like to get a storage bed (bed with storage underneath). I’m not wedded to that idea, because we can buy storage drawers to go under regular beds if we are careful about the height of the bottom of the bed. Thank you for any insights! I’ve been trying to figure this out hunting around the internet for a couple of months, and I’m still confused. 🤪😊

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