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flooring woes solid hardwood VS LVP

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

Yes I realize there are many threads about this. I've read them all. I just want someone to talk my off my personal cliff here.

We are building a new home this year. Our "forever" home. I've always planned on solid hardwoods because that's what I've known. In particular I have planned on white oak with a natural finish. I've managed to get an employee discount on these floors through a friend who works at a flooring store. So I feel like we're getting a steal on these floors. For the sake of this conversation, we are not considering engineered wood. Not a fan.

But as it gets closer, part of me wonders if I like the idea of hardwood more than I actually like hardwood. Our current hardwoods are in rough shape. We have two young wild things and two senior dogs. A previous senior dog developed Cushing's in his later years and bless his heart ruined our kitchen floors with pee. We replaced them with new hardwood, but alas, a different floor, a different senior dog developing urinary issues. We will always have dogs. My kids have not messed up the floor that much other than one or two rogue skateboarding incidents (not kidding), but I have by spilling a gallon of water! I cleaned it up right away but the damage was done. It's not pretty, reclaimed looking floor damage. This is just not pretty damage.

Given that, and the fact that our new build will be on a working farm, I'm considering LVP. My thoughts are that I don't want to stress over a floor. I also don't want to spend a ton of money on brand new floors and have them messed up in a year. I want my kids to be able to run and play without me panicking over the floors. So LVP for the win right?! We are looking at the Provenza Moda collection.

But, LVP won't be there in 100 years. It won't become a part of the story of our house when we're gone. It's not "authentic" farmhouse. It doesn't have the same feel. Although resell is not a concern, I don't want to "cheapen" the house we've waited so long for. It's FAKE and there's no way around that. I can tell the difference in a heartbeat. So, can I get over the fakeness?! I know this is a question no one can answer for me, but I'd love to hear opinions regarding my dilemma!

Thank you for allowing my brain dump, I'm so stuck on this decision!

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