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Anyone got the 4 * 8 porcelanosa slab installed for bathroom wall?

Balaji Raja
last year
last modified: last year

I am very interested in them given the beautiful look and large size that suit my bathroom walls, my contractor is warning me of the hassles in cutting/trimming them and suggesting me to go for smaller tiles. My bathroom has an 8 x 8 wall where 2 of them can fit beautifully and a shower wall that is 4 x 8 which can take 1. So i was thinking of getting three - 4 x 8 Porcelanosa Aria polished slaps ($600 each) and filling in the rest of the area with 4 x4 tiles ($250 each) of the same model. But if this requires complicated cutting and trimming which will be super expensive, will need to sadly drop the idea. Will totally appreciate your suggestions and experience in this regard.

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