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How to best add a bathroom w/ washer & dryer between Garage and House?

Ivan I
2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

I'm going to be relocating to probably new construction.

Taking into account someone around Coronavirus patients all the time, how could I best configure into the floorplan:

  • a full bathroom with toilet and shower, PLUS the washer and dryer
  • accessible from both garage and house

so that someone who needs to decontaminate would be able to completely do that before entering the house.

If you had to start with a floor plan outer shell footprint like this,

( House size can not increase. Room sizes CAN change...)

How would you configure that bathroom currently near the garage?

  • I'd want the toilet "door'd off" like it is in my master bed room right now.
  • I'd include an "occupied" light that would shine a Hue light red on either side of the entrance doors to show that it's in use.

Problem I don't see a way around:

The entire time someone is decontaminating, direct garage access would be shut off from the house.

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