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Best Electric Hot Water Heater For My Home

3 years ago

Could someone help recommend a good electric hot water heater setup for me.

Originally I wanted to go with an electric heat pump hot water, but my utility closet in the basement is quite small and crammed, and I believe that they need a lot of space around them? Is that true? The basement is 600 square feet and will be heated with heat pump mini split system, but the utility closet is in a corner and very very tiny.

If I can't do heat pump hot water, are there any alternatives to get something energy efficient? Unfortunately the house is entirely on electric and it's in the mountains so there's no natural gas.

It's a cold climate in upstate NY, and the house is 1500 sq feet, no dishwasher, just 2 people living there and the occasional guest. If I can't do a heat pump can I get away with a small tank, say 30 gallon? I probably can't do tankless as we are switching the heating system over to a mini split and will need the AMPs for that. Thanks!

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