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Electric to Gas Hot Water Heater....

17 years ago

So I'm on 10yrs. with my 60 gal. electric water heater. I want to be proactive so I'm replacing it. Tankless is out. Not sold on that technology. I'm going with a gas or electric tank.

My first question is: A 65% efficient gas water heater is still more cost effective than a 95% effcient electric water heater?

Two: If I go electric, I can install it myself. So we're only talking the cost of the tank and maybe some fittings. If I go gas, I need it installed. They can tap into a gas line within 3 ft. of the water heater. Then they'll have to vent it out to the side of the house, about 4 ft. away from the water heater. It's going to be a $1500 job with the water heater installed. So is the extra $700 or more for the gas going to pay off?

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