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Electric boiler??

16 years ago

Hi there,

I've been building myself a new greenhouse (20' x 10') and I'm getting to the point where I need to start installing the heating. I've already established (in a very lengthy post)that I'm going to use some solar water panels with backup heat:

I'm going to try a kind of underfloor heating system with a heat exchanger for the pond, so the temperature in the pipes does not have to be that high.

As the backup heat, I'm thinking of using one of these electric boilers made for small rooms and conservatories (something similar to this: I'm just wondering if anyone has any views on this type of heater? Do you think 2kw be sufficient (to keep the greenhouse above 15C)? I'm thinking of building a couple of solar air collectors, along with the solar water panel so around 2kw I think might just about be enough. I'll keep a fan heater nearby incase a very cold night comes along but these boilers might just be the extent of my budget (along with those bloody expensive solar panels) so I don't think it would be worth spending more on a higher powered heater.

Has anyone ever used one of these in their house/greenhouse? I'd love to hear how well they work.



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