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Show me your porcelain Carrera look bathrooms - what brand?

2 years ago

Hey y'all! I am looking for porcelain Carrera marble look bathroom tiles for our 12x10 bath, with a 5x5 shower, 3 sides tiled & 10ft ceiling. We own a 136yr old Victorian, so we are looking for a traditional/timeless look vs modern.

Can you share photos of yours? And which brands/models? I have an opportunity to purchase tile at a deep discount right now while my husband's large furniture company is doing an employee appreciation sale, so I need to make a decision and place the order in 10 days! Not a lot of time to sort the details, but it will save $$$! I'm not locked on a brand - I have many choices, some at better discounts than others - but look is more important as long as it isn't a huge budget hit - and we aren't doing natural stone, so I think we'll be fine!

Also, finishes - I'm leaning towards a satin/semi-polished on the floor and matte in the shower. Anyone have any thoughts on theirs?



been around for a while, but it looks like they have deleted my other bathroom projects! (I may have liked this better when it was the old forum!)

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