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I've HAD It With Paper Towel Dispensers!

3 years ago

I have one mounted to the wall in the garage, one that stands vertically on my kitchen counter (pic on the left) and another that stands vertically on the counter at work (pic on the right). The wall mount requires two hands to use our it'll just roll until the towels are all gone. Apparently the little peg on the one on my kitchen counter isn't tall enough to do anything but tear willy-nilly, and while the one at work has a taller piece, it's designed to move in as the roll gets smaller, so when you tear a towel off, the piece moves out toward you and doesn't do the job. I don't want wall mount in my kitchen and I'd rather have vertical than horizontal (takes up too much counter). Wondering if you have any suggestions/recommendations. I saw the last pic today and wonder how that would work. I know I'm being negative here, but I'm thinking I'll be digging out the edge every time I want a towel. Any ideas?

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