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Need exterior paint color guidance on red/cream brick home

3 years ago

Hello & thanks in advance for any advice!
We are doing a whole interior home remodel & updating the exterior (new roof, siding/posts/door paint, & were getting rid of the decorative shutters that frame 3 of the front windows) of our 20 year old home.

The interior of the house will have a more modern aesthetic w/ new quartz countertops, white & gray cabinets, LVT flooring, very light gray wall paint/white trim paint, (& we’re knocking out a couple walls for a bigger open floor plan).

*What I’m looking for advice on is the exterior paint color(s) for the trim & siding. We’ll be replacing the posts on the front porch as well as the doors & we would like to do a cedar colored stain on them. The paint needs to be Sherwin Williams brand & we definitely want to do a color in the more modern gray tones. We’ve got several paint swatches - Mt. Etna was one we loved but we worry it may be too dark. I need guidance on how to give the exterior an updated look that blends with the reddish cream(ish) brick w/ the gray(ish) mortar.

Below I’ll list again the existing exterior details & then the choices we’ve made on the new roof color (Owens Corning ‘Estate Gray’), etc.

I’ll also add pics of the existing exterior so you can see the brick & existing exterior paint & the pics of the stain color we want for posts as well as pics of some paint colors that may look good.

Existing Exterior:

Reddish Cream Brick (in different light it can look sandy or even light brownish)
Putty paint color on trim & siding
Brown painted front door

Updates Will Be:

Owens Corning estate gray roof
Cedar stain posts
Cedar stained doors
Getting rid of exterior shutters that frame 3 of the front windows (decorative only obviously)

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