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we have to paint our brick house! help!

2 years ago

When we bought our house we noticed the whole exterior had an unusal coating on it - tar and little particles, looks like roofing material. We consulted a brick restoration expert, said he'd never seen anything like it. It was originally a charming 30s minimal tudorish house but as you can see has been mistreated with some lousy remodels. It can be a shame to paint brick but in this case it has to be done.

We're somewhat decided on cream as we'd like to steer things towards a more classic historical look (these are photoshopped). I'm hung up on the foundation, which I think might be fun to paint a dark color with a serious kick of green or blue, or brown for a safer bet. Would that be nuts, and is cream all wrong?? My hope is that it works for the architectural style and future renovations would play off the cream for a historical look. One day I think it would be nice to tear down the front porch and add a simple portico and maybe put up shakes where there's cheap siding. Thank you kindly for looking and any advice is much appreciated!!! I know it looks like hell!

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